GBHS brings the Circus to town!

The Circus has arrived early at Greater Birmingham Humane Society! Led by Ringleader and Jumbo, we’ve got ten performers up for adoption this week! From Bearded Lady all the way to Flying Grayson up on the wires, these sweet lab/boxer blends are ready to find a forever family and bring the joy and amazement of the Circus to your home!

Ringleader has only been in his position for almost 3 months now, but things couldn’t be better for these circus pups! Somewhat shy at times, Ringleader is a sweetheart and brings passion to his team.

Never afraid of the spotlight, Jumbo is Ringleader’s right hand man in this circus. A bit more outgoing,┬áhe is the life of the circus. Almost 3 months in much like his leader, he’s more than competent in his exciting role.

Come check out the Greater greatest show on Snow Drive. If these circus pups don’t get you excited, we have plenty other dogs and cats you can welcome into your home! Come quickly though, these pups are only in town until they’re adopted! See you soon!