Canines cross the Mason-Dixon to find new homes

This Valentine’s Day some very lucky pups celebrated by heading to their new home in Washington, D.C.

IMG_1065On Thursday, February 14th, the GBHS packed up 24 puppies and dogs in TARA (Transport Assist Rescue Adopt), a 16ft state of the art mobile adoption and transport RV, in order to transport them to the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington, D.C. The trip would normally total 12 hours, but our drivers had to move at a slower pace, so it ended up being a long, 15-hour drive.

Why would we drive through the night to carry animals to another shelter? They are more likely to be adopted if they are sent north!  Here at the GBHS, we take in a great number of puppies and dogs, while northern shelters do not have a constant influx.

This is due, in part to spay and neuter laws.  These are more rigorous in northern states, which leads to less animals being born, and then to less pets surrendered to shelters.  All this means that adoptable animals are in high demand on the other side of the Mason-Dixon.

Many of the 24 canines on this journey had been surrendered to the GBHS as puppies and had begun to grow up here. They were too big to be in the puppy kennels, but were too young to be walked outside. It was hard on the puppies, but now they have a better chance of having a forever home.

Because they are in such high demand, these puppies should find homes in no time! Until then, the Washington Animal Rescue League will take great care of them!


Thanks to Tony Sullivan for producing this great and informative video of the trip to D.C.!


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