Hang on to your hats week at the legislature

Warm up your dialing and typing fingers!

Wednesday HB27, a bill to provide felony penalties for torture to all animals is number one on the Senate Judiciary Calendar. This bill passed the House last week in a record setting 97-0 vote. Please contact the Judiciary committee members and ask for a favorable committee report so this bill can go to the Senate floor. The members are:

HB188, the spay/neuter clinic protection bill:  I know everyone has contacted the Senate Health Committee to ask that this bill be placed on the agenda, however, it is not on the committee agenda this week. This is an issue between Senator Bussman, who does not want the vote and Senator Greg Reed, the Committee Chair, who decides the agenda. We need a full court press on this one. I know it seems repetitive, but please contact the committee every day, asking that H188 get the committee vote it deserves.  An e mail and a phone call daily will ensure that the committee knows just how important this bill is. Remind the members that HB188 has the support of the ALVMA, The Alabama Veterinary Medical Association-the largest veterinary professional association in the state.

If you have a friend or family member that you have not asked to do this,  don’t be shy. Getting past this roadblock will not be an easy lift and we will all pay the price, and the animals will pay the ultimate price if our s/n clinics become a thing of the past. The committee members are:

Tomorrow is legislative day 21 of 30. The session ends May 21.  I know you grasp that  the clock is counting down. The animals and the people who care about them need to win this.


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