Operation Silent Night: Not a creature was stirring

Operation Silent Night aimed to find an adoptive or foster home for every adoptable pet at the GBHS by Christmas Eve.

Operation Silent Night aimed to find an adoptive or foster home for every adoptable pet at the GBHS by Christmas Eve.

By Mary-Grace Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator |

There are lots of sounds around the holidays that warm your heart during these cold months, but at Greater Birmingham Humane Society, the greatest sound of all was, in fact, the lack there of.  An inspired mission that began in November came to a fruition on Christmas Eve, with each and every one of our adoptable pets finding temporary refuge in a loving home for the night – something that many of them hadn’t been able to do for months, if ever.

Potential adopters wait outside for the GBHS to open on Christmas Eve.

Potential adopters wait outside for the GBHS to open on Christmas Eve.

Over 50 volunteer foster families offered to open their hearts and homes to the GBHS cats and dogs and after an incredible day of adoptions that started with a line of families waiting at the door before we opened,  the remaining 21 available dogs and cats who hadn’t found a forever home were picked up from the center and taken home for a mini-vacation.

The stories came pouring in, as these incredible foster parents doted and loved on our sweet dogs and cats – with several ending in very happy adoptions! Our biggest thanks to the families who were willing to drive all the way here from Birmingham and beyond, interrupting their holiday, so that a pet could have some Christmas cheer. Their open hearts and open homes were inspiring — an incredible way to bring in a new year!

If you have a story you’d like to share from Operation Silent Night, please feel free to leave a comment here or on our Facebook Page.

Jelly Bean is right at home

Thank you to Sheree for submitting a great adoption success story about Jelly Bean, and for giving her such a loving home! She looks like a happy cat, indeed.

Do you want to be able to have a sweet story like Jelly Bean and Sheree? Come by the adoption center or view our adoptable pets online and fall in love.

Jelly Bean

I adopted my sweet and beautiful Jelly Bean in April 2013. At first Jelly Bean was clingy and followed us every where we went. She still likes to be with us but now sometimes she will stay by herself. She was very petite and skinny when we got her and now she is fat and happy. She is perfect. Although I have now bought some healthy cat food for her. Jelly Bean is very playful and she adapts wonderfully to all situations. She loves my Mother and stays in her bedroom most all day. She sleeps on my bed at night. She loves to be petted on her ears and cheeks and head and neck.

I love Jelly Bean so much. It is like she has always been a part of our family. She is beautiful with grey tabby fur on top and beautiful lighter color on her stomach.

Jelly Bean

Abbott is all smiles after being adopted

Here’s another great story about a GBHS adoption! Anna and Janette came in over the weekend and adopted Abbott. If you’re thinking about following their example to add a furry family member over the holidays, you know where to find us! We’d love your help with Operation Silent Night, our big holiday project. Read more about it here. You can also tell us how you plan to help further our mission this month for chance to win 2 Jazz Cat Ball tickets, a $150 value! Enter here.

Now, without further adieu, here is Abbott’s story.

Yesterday we came in to view dogs and at the front desk in the seat was the most calm dog sitting well poised and all scruffily looking! It was Abbott!!! We adopted this little fellow, got him groomed and bought him some warm winter clothes and he was so happy on the drive to his new home! He is already so well trained from his previous owner. He is a perfect addition to our little family! Here is his before and after picture! Thank you for taking care of this little guy, the staff was wonderful!!!

Thank you!!
Anna and Janette

Thanks, Anna for sending us your story. Take a look at Abbott’s before and after pictures below!


Harper settles in

You can just tell that Harper is happy as a little clam in her new home! The picture of her napping in the yard is especially cute. Thanks to her new mom, Sandy, for sending in her success story!

We are in love with Harper! She is such a loving and sweet girl. It’s only been two days and she only had one pee accident. She goes outside with her Chocolate Lab sister and she’s learning the ropes and lay of the land around here. She wants to jump in the lake with her sister, but of course we need to wait until her incision is completely healed.



Bailey’s happy home


This week’s success story comes from Jean Bendall. Bailey looks like a total goof, and knows how to take a serious nap!

photo 2After we lost our beloved Hannah this summer, I felt the need to find another hound mix that would be like Hannah.  I went to GBHS to see an older dog that I had seen on the website.  While waiting to meet her, I walked over to the puppies-and the minute I saw Bailey I knew she was ours!  She is a comedian, loving and so full of life.  She has brought joy to our household.



Do you have a success story about a GBHS pet? Let us hear from you!



Pet Appreciation Week

June 2-8, 2013 is Pet Appreciation Week.

We want to know what you love and appreciate about your furry family members!

Here’s how to join in on the fun:

We’ll post the updates here, on this blog post! Scroll down to see all the reasons people love and appreciate their pets.

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Sadie’s success

Below is the happy story of Sadie, as told by her owner, Susan. Thank you for telling her story! To submit an update of your own or to read more success stories, click here.


Hi – I just wanted to give an update on a puppy we adopted June 23, 2005. 
Sadie (as she has been named since the day we adopted her) is now 8 years old, lives in Tennessee, and has her Canine Good Citizen certification; she has been through several obedience courses, has a pet sitter, and enjoys doggie daycamp weekly. Her favorite activities are retrieving her ball and swimming
She is our child and is truly the best dog we’ll ever have. She never developed any bad habits, and was easy to potty train. We are so blessed to have found her at GBHS as we only lived in Alabama for 2 years. We can’t imagine life without her!

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