Harper settles in

You can just tell that Harper is happy as a little clam in her new home! The picture of her napping in the yard is especially cute. Thanks to her new mom, Sandy, for sending in her success story!

We are in love with Harper! She is such a loving and sweet girl. It’s only been two days and she only had one pee accident. She goes outside with her Chocolate Lab sister and she’s learning the ropes and lay of the land around here. She wants to jump in the lake with her sister, but of course we need to wait until her incision is completely healed.




PetSmart partnership adoption

The GBHS is proud to announce that we have a new partnership with the Hoover PetSmart.

On Sunday, March 17, the very first on-site adoption event will take place from 11am-4pm.

Dogs of all ages from the GBHS will be available for adoption at PetSmart.

This is a very exciting opportunity for the GBHS and PetSmart, and we are looking forward to many more events like this one in the future!

Camera-ready Carlisle featured in “The Bark”

A puppy named Carlisle was lucky enough to be fostered in the home of a professional photographer.  His foster mom submitted a photo of him to The Bark, where he was featured in issue 73 of the magazine! Check it out on Chikadeez’s blog.

Carlisle has since been adopted and is with his new family.

Morals of the story:

Adopt from the GBHS and you may have a celebrity on your hands!

Foster pets from the GBHS and you can help create a wonderful story that will help send them to loving forever families, whether the animals you care for are published or not.

Photo courtesy of Chikadeez Photography.

Photo courtesy of Chikadeez Photography.