HB 141 passes Health Committee into Rules Committee

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By Hailey Rogers, Events and Communications Coordinator |

House Bill 141 passed through the Senate Health Committee meeting, but there is still much work to be done!

The bill must be chosen by the Rules Committee as a special order. If that happens, it will then be put on the Senate floor for a vote. We need your help to make this happen!

Please click here to see which senators are on the Rules Committee and access their contact information. (This can also be found at the bottom of this post.)

Rep. Todd speaking to the Senate Health Committee.

Rep. Todd speaking to the Senate Health Committee.

Today marks progress that has been years in the making. Representative Patricia Todd stood at the podium to present HB 141 to the Health Committee. Senator Bussman made a motion to vote on the matter, which Coleman seconded.

Eight senators voted in favor of passing HB 141 on to the Rules Committee, while four voted against it.

In favor:

  • Greg Reed
  • Slade Blackwell
  • Linda Coleman
  • Harri Anne Smith
  • Cam Ward
  • Jabo Waggoner
  • Jerry Fielding
  • Del Marsh


  • Paul Bussman
  • Billy Beasley
  • Gerald Dial
  • Tom Whatley

“The passage of HB141 out of the Health Committee was a great victory in the fight to keep the non-profit spay and neuter clinics open. They need to remain operational to help reduce Alabama’s pet overpopulation,” said GBHS Executive Director Karen Peterlin. “The overpopulation creates both a public health and safety issue. Alabama does not need to remain one of four states that do not have spay and neuter legislation.”

Rules Committee

Jabo Waggoner (Chairperson)
16th District (Jefferson, Shelby)

Jimmy Holley (Vice-Chairperson)
31st District (Coffee, Covington, Dale, Houston)

Scott Beason
17th District (Blount, Jefferson, St. Clair)

Roger Bedford
6th District (Colbert, Fayette, Franklin, Lamar, Lawrence, Marion, Winston)

Gerald Dial
13th District(Chambers, Cherokee, Clay, Cleburne, Lee, Randolph)

Priscilla Dunn
19th District (Jefferson)

Vivian Figures
33rd District (Mobile)

Rusty Glover
34th District (Mobile)

Tammy Irons
1st District (Colbert, Lauderdale)

Arthur Orr
3rd District (Limestone, Madison, Morgan)

Trip Pittman
32nd District (Baldwin)

Paul Sanford
7th District (Madison)

Clay Scofield
9th District (Blount, Madison, Marshall)

Paul Bussman
4th District (Cullman, Lawrence, Winston)


Disturbing news on HB188-More action needed from the community immediately

Senate pro tem Del Marsh has still not placed HB188 on the Senate calendar. There are three legislative days left. Since the first of the week, Senator Marsh’s level of commitment to get this bill passed has wavered. He is receiving a great deal of pressure from Senator Bussman, because Bussman’s bill SB25, is in a House committee that most likely will not schedule a hearing prior to end of session. Senator Marsh has long been supportive of this issue and the only chance we have to get this bill on the Senate floor, will be for everyone-everyone– to make a call to him at home, this weekend. Make your call during reasonable hours- be polite. Tell Senator Marsh that you know he controls the Senate calendar and that HB188 must come to the Senate floor for the vote it deserves.

Tell him he will have to decide whose interests come first- the  citizens of our state or those of Senator Bussman.

The number is 256-237-1931

(Do not accept any statements that anyone other than Marsh controls the Senate calendar- HE CONTROLS THE CALENDAR)

Beginning Monday- there will be a second task on this issue , so please stay with this.

Finally, here is current status on the other bills affecting animals:

SB 25- the BAD spay neuter bill- assigned to House Boards ,Agencies and Commissions committee- not scheduled

HB27/SB393- felony cruelty bill- may be on senate floor next week

HB51- abuse and torture reporting bill- in Senate Judiciary committee next Tuesday

HB238- shelter reporting act- in Senate AG & F committee next Wednesday

HB259- protects police, search and rescue dogs and handlers- passed Senate committee, poised for Senate floor next week