Summer is winding down, but temperatures aren’t


by Holly Baker, GBHS Humane Education/Cruelty Prevention

Did you know that dogs don’t sweat? Because of this, they do not tolerate high temperatures as well as humans do. Dogs depend upon panting to exchange warm air for cool air. But when air temperature is close to body temperature, cooling by panting is not an efficient process.

As a concerned citizen, it’s difficult to watch a dog exposed to the sweltering heat and not take action. The good news is that there are steps you can take.


If you see an animal left inside a vehicle, check the hood to ensure that the car is not running. If the engine is off call local law enforcement immediately. Be sure you have the location address, license plate, a detailed description of the vehicle, and the location of the vehicle in the parking lot. If you are able, wait until help arrives in case the animal’s condition worsens.


If you come across a dog with no shelter or water, report it! Complaints to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society’s cruelty hotline remain completely confidential. A representative from GBHS will go to the location and offer assistance when needed. We receive donated doghouses periodically and provide them to dogs in need in our own community. A dog should never have to live exposed to the elements and without their basic needs met. That’s where we come in!


If you or someone you know has a doghouse that is no longer in use, bring it to our shelter at 300 Snow Dr., Homewood or call us to pick it up. Often there are advertisements for used doghouses in the newspaper or online. These donations are tax deductible based on the price you paid for the item, and you’re helping future dogs in need from suffering in extreme temperatures.


We want your pets to be safe, healthy and happy.


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